Travel Dental Floss for your wallet or purse


travel dental floss - OraQuick new dental floss convenience for your purse or wallet

New Travel Dental Floss – Super Convenience that fits into your Wallet or Purse

OraQuick Mint Flavoured “Floss Card”

Our NEW OraQuick¬†“travel dental floss” is a great product for for those moments you wish you had some dental floss handy. OraQuick Mint Floss to the rescue! It’s thinner than a business card and slides into your wallet or purse.

A pre-cut length of mint-flavoured OraFloss is sandwiched into the paper card. To use, you’ll just need to tear it open down the middle, and pull. The hygienically sealed floss is revealed for those after dinner moments at a restaurant, or in the car… just about anywhere you can imagine you’d be eating food.

Travel Dental Floss - OraQuick floss card fits neatly into a wallet

OraQuick floss card fits neatly into a wallet or purse for the ultimate convenience

The idea is so simple, and so easy to use, it was recently snapped¬†up by the Peermont Hotel group to add to their “Hospitality Pack”. It’s a no-brainer for Restaurants and Hotel Groups who see the value as a much healthier, and safer alternative to the old toothpick. Need we mention that a toothpick just cannot reach the places that floss can?

As soon as they’re available in store, we’d recommend getting a few packs – one for your cubby in the car, one for your toiletry bag and one to distribute – husbands wallet, wife’s purse and children’s school bags. That way you’ll know you’ve got all the “emergency” flossing moments covered.

Now available in packs of twenty, they’ll soon be distributed through well-known retail stores. Recommended retail is pegged for around R36.00 per pack of twenty.

OraQuick Floss Card at a Glance:

  • Biodegradeable
  • Super Convenience
  • Thinner than a business card
  • Pre-cut floss
  • Mint flavour
  • Fits in wallet or purse without adding bulk
  • Smart. Easy.

If you’d like to enquire about availability in bulk, please contact us here:

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