About Oralink

Researching and Sourcing Natural and Holistic Product Alternatives to Oral Health Care.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark in Natural Oral Health Care.

Our Mission

We will actively pursue natural innovative ideas to create products for a healthier society.

Our History

In 1997 Oralink’s first Product – OraSalts Natural Mouth Wash, was formulated by Dr Trevor Wasserman – a Practicing Dentist in Johannesburg together with Dr Sean Powers of the Homeopathy Department at Wits (now known as the University of Johannesburg).
The product was put into production with a Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Johannesburg, and initially sold in the Dental Practice.
As the patients felt the benefits of OraSalts Mouth Wash, they continued to purchase the product on an ongoing basis because the relief they experienced from Sore Throats, Bleeding Gums, Mouth Ulcers & Bad Breath was amazing. The demand for OraSalts became great, hence us pursuing the retail option of which we are listed in major wholesalers and retailers nationwide.
May 2005, SinuSalts Every Day Nasal Saline Spray was formulated – an important addition to the Ora Product Range, since post-nasal drip and sinusitis has a direct impact on Oral Hygiene.
SinuSalts Saline Spray is Non addictive and can be used as and when needed to help relieve Blocked, Dry and Runny Nasal Passages.
September 2012, OraFloss was introduced to meet the demand for a Premium Medicated Dental Floss. Orafloss is unique in formulation as the floss has been infused with OraSalts and by using this floss you are placing the Salts & Homeopathic’s directly between the gum and tooth enamel assisting with the cleaning and healing process of puffy bleeding gums. The medical noted benefits of flossing daily is to maintain a healthy mouth which helps prevent serious diseases, some of which can be life threatening!

What our customers are saying:

My Mom was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago. About two weeks ago her mouth was so badly infected and her medical doctor advised a mouth rinse! Needless to say that it was the worst possible advice! The alcohol in the mouth rinse burnt her mouth so badly that she couldn’t eat or drink anything. I gave her a sample of the Ora-salts to see if she would benefit and if Ora-salts will do anything for her. Alan, from Ora-salts, was in the Practice just now, and I phoned my Mum for feedback. All the swelling is down and all the mouth ulcers healed! Thank you for an excellent product! I would strongly suggest that you promote this product on the Lupus website as well!
I found your products to be very effective. Thank you.
Cecile Tomas
"Thank you I really appreciate your help with OraSalts. You even went up above my expectations. Since a certain time, I am experiencing like running nose from the inside meaning the mucus is not running normally out through the normal nasals. The nose's mucus is running backward throughout the throat (post nasal drip). That makes me feel very uncomfortable. I would like to sincerely thank you as I got the parcel (OraSalts and SinuSalts) that you sent to me. I really appreciate this excellency in customer service."
Patrick Kakama
I have been so impressed with Orasalts mouthwash - it really does help with bad breath. And the fact that it is completely natural, quite inexpensive (compared with other brands) had me sold. Definitely recommend to my family.
Lionel du Plessis
It is in my professional opinion that ORA-SALTS constitute a good dental mouth wash for use in acute trauma and injury to the teeth and gums commonly associated with dental work. The main carrier is sea salt and this is well recognised in having bacterial and antiseptic properties.
Dr S.M. Power
I started using Ora Salts approximately 10 years ago on the recommendation of my dentist, Dr. Trevor Wasserman. I had a near fatal car accident in 1990, the result of which caused major damage to my teeth, more specifically I lost four of my front teeth. As a result of this accident and general poor eating habits, I have over the past 25 years had major problems with my gums and teeth. These include loss of other teeth as well as frequent gum inflammations and the associated pain that that goes with this. Nevertheless, when using Ora Salts, the results that I have experienced have been phenomenal. Inflammations and gum pains disappear usually overnight and the reliefthat this has provided me with has been unprecedented. I have tried other mouth wash products but I have never experienced the same results. I remain a fan for life and have no hesitation what so ever in endorsing a wonderful product, which I often refer to as a "miracle cure"!
R Weber
I have been using Ora Salts for over a year and they have helped tremendously with my gums. I use the product twice a day (in the morning and evening after brushing). Prior to using the salts my gums would bleed frequently. This has stopped. I have used the salts as a gargle several times a day whenever I feel a sore throat coming, and I have found this to be a very effective way of preventing the sore throat. I have also been using the new Ora Floss for several months and have found it to be a much better product than my previous brand of floss. It's robust, doesn't break or fray and I also find the packaging very convenient and hygienic. It complements the use of the Ora Salts very nicely in gum maintenance. During the onset of spring I used your Sinu Salts nasal spray. At the time I was suffering from seasonal allergies (allergic rhinitis) and the spray helped me to stop my allergy within a few days of use without the need for chemical / medical sprays. I wish to thank you for introducing me to these products and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
C Whyte
Today I purchased a further supply of Ora Salts. They really are quite a miraculous cure for any mouth problems. I always travel with them as I feel secure when they are near to hand!
K Mears