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How to get rid of Bad Breath How to get rid of bad breath or Stop Bad Breath from Ruining Your Day – Forever? Yes it is possible. By the end of these few paragraphs you’ll be an expert in Bad Breath, its causes and its treatment. Where does Bad Breath (or Halitosis) come from? Unfortunately, there isn’t ONE reason … Read More

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Sunday Sun promoting Oral Health with Oralink

Promoting Oral Health Care in the Press: SUN REPORTER | IN 1997 our first product “OraSalts Natural Mouth Wash” was formulated by Dr Wasserman – a practicing dentist in Joburg, together with Dr Sean Powers of the Homeopathy Department at Wits Technikon which is now known as University of Joburg. The product was first sold at dental practices. But patients continued to purchase OraSalts which led to a … Read More